Excel Tutorial - Great Tuotorial from Florida Gulf Coast University

Survey Monkey Tutorial - Gets Started

Google Docs- Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online

Wikispaces- learn how to create a user account, create a free K-12 Plus space, edit a page, add links, images, and media to your page, and create accounts for all your students.

Data is NOT a Four Letter Word: Tech Tools to Support DDDM & Data Teams

Data Driven Decision Making (DDDM) and Data Teams are the norm in 21st Century schools today. Technology is a crucial tool for successfully implementing both. In this 2-day training session, you will explore a variety of technology tools and resources that can support your school and district’s data work. See what kinds of data CT Reports can provide. Learn how to use Excel to disaggregate data and display data to let your data do the talking. Explore Wikispaces and see how districts can use these virtual learning environments as spaces for providing access to resources that your Data Teams can use to inform their planning, assessment and instruction. Leave knowing that data is definitely NOT a four letter word.
Audience: K-12 Administrators and Educators who are using Data Driven Decision Making


Tools for Data Teams

CT Reports

Ways to Gather Data

CT Reports

CT Reports is a Web site with assessment data from the CMT and the CAPT high stakes tests. It contains a public side where anyone can find anonymous data about any school district in Connecticut. It also contains a private side which requires a secure login to get specific data about individual districts, schools and students. Click on the links below for resources related to CT Reports.

Web-Based Resources

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Word Files with Resources for CT Reports

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