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Endless Possibilities
President Lincoln's Bicentennial
Paper Slide Videos
New Red Frog
Classroom Glog - Grade 1
A Tool for Communicating Key Class/Course Information
Assignment Sheet - 1
Assignment Sheet - 2
Shakespearean Parodies
History Chapter Summary
Reading Practice Hotlist
A Hotlist of Math Sites
A Plethora of Web 2.0 Tools
An Annotated Bibliography
The Poetry Glog Project
Causes of the American Revolution
Pond Animals
Decision, Decisions: A Trip to Europe
Tools 4-All
Three Cups of Tea
Blinded You with Science
Theodore Roosevelt
Forces and Motion (DE Science embedded in Glog)
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Glogster Tips:
Your profile: Your age will be displayed on your classroom profile. Edit your account and choose January 1, 2010 for your "birthday". The age on your profile will be changed to "0" years.

Embedding Glogs: Once of the advantages of using Glogster is that your student work can be showcased to a worldwide audience. Sometimes the size of the online posters presents a challenge. Copy and paste the code into your wiki or blog. Before you save the changes to your website, change the scale, height and width to whatever size you need. Scale="100" means 100%, that is full size. Change the value to 50 for a half size Glog.
Important: If you change the scale you must change the height and width. For example for code that is scale=100 width=960 and height 1300, if you change the scale to 50 for a half size glog you must also change the width to 480 and the height to 650. This way the scale, width and height remain in proportion.