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eno Boards (by PolyVision)

General Information Technical Information Teaching with the eno Board and Mini Slate Eno Software - RM Easiteach
The products we have in the College of Education: eno classic interactive whiteboard http://www.polyvision.com/tabid/155/objectid/70/default.aspx eno mini slate http://www.polyvision.com/tabid/155/objectid/73/default.aspx
Also see general information about interactive whiteboards and about another very popluar brand of interactive whiteboard we have at the College of Education, the SMARTboard.


PolyVision http://www.polyvision.com/PolyVisionbringlearningtolife.aspx
Eno Classic Interactive Whiteboard http://www.polyvision.com/tabid/155/objectid/70/default.aspx This site has the main menu along the right side of the screen. Links to the video tutorials are at the bottom of the menu. (The videos auto-start.)
(video) eno by Polyvision [You Tube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSLKGQEeags Note that this video is also available on Teacher Tube, but if you don't log into your (free) Teacher Tube account, you get a little intro video first. http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=74790&title=eno_by_PolyVision


PolyVision Downloads http://support.polyvision.com/Support/Downloads/tabid/232/Default.aspx
(video) Calibrating eno board http://support.polyvision.com/portals/0/flash/IWB_Calibration.html Caution: Video starts immediately and cannot be paused
Cleaning Eno Surfaces http://www.polyvision.com/Support/FAQs/Cleaninge3andenosurfaces.aspx One of the big advantages of this brand is that you can use regular dry-erase markers on the surface.


PolyVision's Wikispace http://polyvision.wikispaces.com/ "Our wiki space is an online resource for teachers to collaborate and share ideas and lessons."
Educator Series Webinars http://www.polyvision.com/Professionaldevelopment/Webinars.aspx Sign up for a free 45-minute webinar that is led by an educational consultant from PolyVision.
Transforming Special Needs Education with Eno http://www.polyvision.com/Professionaldevelopment/Successstories/CasestudyNewBrightonElementaryPA.aspx
(article) Impacting student success with eno http://www.polyvision.com/Professionaldevelopment/Successstories/CasestudyGroesbeckISDTX.aspx
(article) Transforming special needs education with eno http://www.polyvision.com/Professionaldevelopment/Successstories/CasestudyNewBrightonElementaryPA.aspx
(article) Veteran teacher extends learning time with the power of eno http://www.polyvision.com/Professionaldevelopment/Successstories/CasestudyFirstAveMiddleSchoolCA.aspx


Note: The eno interactive whiteboards "allow you to immediately use your current software programs, documents and websites... With PolyVision’s open architecture approach, you’re always free to use the teaching tools that work best for you. However, PolyVision offers your choice of interactive teaching tools free with every board: RM Easiteach and WizTeach by Qwizdom" (from Educational Software)
Educational Software http://www.polyvision.com/tabid/155/objectid/89/default.aspx

Polyvision White Board Training

How to Insert a Movie

external image msword.png Easiteach Insert Movie.doc

How to use Glassmode

external image msword.png Easiteach Glassmode.doc

How to Hide or Show Animation

external image msword.png Easiteach Hide_Show Animation.doc

How to insert a Link to the Internet

external image msword.png Easiteach Link to internet.doc

Easiteach Printable Posters

external image pdf.png [[file/view/RM Easiteach Eng_Lang_Arts Poster_8.5x11.pdf|RM Easiteach Eng_Lang_Arts Poster_8.5x11.pdf]]

external image pdf.png [[file/view/RM Easiteach Geography Poster_8.5x11.pdf|RM Easiteach Geography Poster_8.5x11.pdf]]

external image pdf.png [[file/view/RM Easiteach Science Poster_8.5x11.pdf|RM Easiteach Science Poster_8.5x11.pdf]]

external image pdf.png [[file/view/RM Easiteach Math Poster_8.5x11.pdf|RM Easiteach Math Poster_8.5x11.pdf]]

external image pdf.png [[file/view/RM Easiteach Toolbar Poster_8.5x11.pdf|RM Easiteach Toolbar Poster_8.5x11.pdf]]