QR Codes in the Classroom

QR Codes Explained by Common Craft

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QR Code Readers
Desktop readers
QRreader for Desktop (Adobe Air app)
iCandy Reader (Mac & Win desktop, iOS)
QuickMark QR Reader for Mac ($)
QuickMark QR Reader for PC
Mobile device readers
Kaywa.com QR code reader for mobile phones (supported phones)
NeoReader (handset list)
Qrafter QR Code Reader (optimized for iPad)
i-nigma reader (all mobile OS)
Barcode Reader (Android OS)
QRDroid (Android)
QR Scanner (iOS)
QRReader (iOS)
AT&T QR Code Scanner (iOS, Android, Blackberry)

QR Code Generators
Web-based and desktop tools
Kaywa.com QR code generator
QRStuff (create a colored QR code)
iCandy QR Creator (Mac & Win desktop)
SnapVu (includes URL shortener and scan tracker)
Mobile device creators
Barcode Generator (Android OS)
Qrafter QR Code Generator (optimized for iPad)


Classroom Uses