What is Storybird? Storybird allows teachers and students to collaboratively create art-inspired narratives. One person begins a story by selecting images and adding text. Your partner can be invited to work on the storybird or they can be assigned a turn. Finished products can actually be printed as a book or a PDF for a fee.
By selecting visual pieces students can demonstrate their understanding of the connection between art and emotion. It's idea tool to teach visual literacy skills, communiction and collaboration, and digital citizenship.

Classroom Applications

  • personal narrative
  • write a storybook
  • journal or story of historical event or character
  • display a science project
  • interpret a concept or idea through story

Things to know

  • No student emails
  • Can be used as a class or individually
  • Manage student accounts and set passwords
  • View all student activity
  • Set privacy levels
  • Moderate comments and discussions
  • Build libraries by theme
  • Invite other to collaborate, comment, and share
  • Projects automatically saved
  • Inappropriate content and behavior will be banne

Storybird Tutorial

Modern Foreign Language
Storybirds by Language Learners
Storybird for Modern Foreign Languages by José Picardo

How To:
Class Accounts: Video Tutorials by Storybird
Publishing non-English Storybirds: Modern Foreign Language Storybirds for Teachers and Learners
Storybird FAQs, including how to sign students up